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Q: How can I install a tachometer in my late model ignition systems.
Q: My Engine is Running, But My Tachometer Sits at Zero and Doesn't Register Any RPM?
Q: My Tach Doesn’t Go To Zero On Power Up?
Q: My Tach Jumps to Shift Light RPM and Does Not Move With Engine Running?
Q: My Tach Pointer is Erratic/Jumpy?
Q: My Tach Registers/Shows the Wrong RPM?
Q: My Tach Shift-Lite Doesn't Turn On?
Q: My Tach Shift-Lite Doesn’t Turn Off?
Q: My Tach Won't Light Up?
Q: Shift Lights. Which one works with what?
Q: What are the Differences Between Your Playback Tachs?
Q: What do radio interference, inductive crossfire, and government regulation have to do with my Auto Meter tachometer?
Q: What does the instruction mean by 1 and 2 pulse calibration?
Q: Why doesn't my tach pointer rest at zero when the ignition is off?
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